# Vending

In your role as a Vendor, you will be selling items to te Supporters attending the Auction. This may include both food and merchandise. The Training Video below will walk you through the steps of selling an item to a Supporter.

# Selling Items as a Vendor

# The Steps

# Selling an Item

The Vending Screen is accessed through the Run Auction Menu using the Vending selection.

After selecting the Vending option, you will taken to the Vending screen. Your auction administrator chooses which items are available for you to sell. In the training database, logging in as a Vendor, there are four items to sell.

When you enter the screen, your list of items is show along with the sale price, a Green "+" button and the quantity. If you are using a touch enabled device, you can tap the Green "+" button. If not, use the mouse to click on the Green "+" button. When you do, the quantity is increased by 1 and a Red "-" button appears. The Red "-" button only appears on a line if the quantity is 1 or more.

The total amount for the item will also be calculated each time the Green "+" button or the Red "-" button is pressed based on the quantity and the sale price.

# Vending Discount

You can edit the total price for each line. However, if you change the quantity, the total will be recalculated using the original sale price and the discounted price would need to be entered again. As an example, the total for T-Shirts has been changed to give a discount of $1.00.

When all the items to be sold have been entered, press or click on the PRESS TO SELL button. This will open the Final Sale screen as shown below.

On the Final Sale screen, you have the option of selling the items for cash or putting them on a Bidder’s account. If the buyer gives you cash, you can enter the amount in the cash received. If it is more than the amount owed, the screen will calculate the amount of change for you to give back.

# Vending Overpayment

Sometimes a buyer will tell you to keep the change as a donation. Whether the buyer wants change back or not, press or click onthe SELL AS CASH button to complete the transaction. This will return you to the Vending screen. All quantities will be reset to 0.

If the buyer wants to put the purchase on their Bidder account, you can either enter the bidder number in the Bidder field or use your device’s camera to scan the QR code that is on the Bidder’s card. If the bidder number exists, a confirmation screen will appear showing you the bidder’s name.

If the bidder is correct, press or click on the SELL TO BIDDER button. This will complete the sale and return you to a reset Vending screen.

If the bidder is incorrect, press or click on the CLEAR BIDDER button. This will clear the bidder name and return you to the first confirmation screen.

From either of the confirmation screens, the Back button returns you to the Vending screen with the vending quantities still selected. This allows you to correct any mistakes in quantities.

When you are done vending, LOGOUT of AuctionIT.